Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is REGAIN and why should I join?

The Regenerative Agriculture Innovation Network (REGAIN) is an online community of practice designed for all regenerative agriculture educators, advocates, and leaders. Regardless of areas of focus, REGAIN is a place to discuss challenges, share successes, access peer expertise, share resources, promote events and create opportunities for collaboration in the Upper Midwest and across the country. 

REGAIN combines multiple functions in once place to harness collective knowledge and serve as a hub for regenerative agriculture education, advocacy and collaboration activities. On the site, you’ll find:  

  • News: your one-stop-shop for the REGAIN updates from the individuals, groups and topics you follow – also a great place to post general updates you want to share with everyone on REGAIN. 
  • Resources: the REGAIN library allows you to explore resources such as articles, recorded webinars, etc. by topic or other filters – including some of the best resources from REGAIN members and partners. 
  • Opportunities: check out this section for job postings and other funding opportunities (foundations, government agencies, etc.) shared by REGAIN members and partners – also stay tuned for future online courses and office hours with regenerative ag experts! 
  • Events: search for events by topic, date or location to join fellow regenerative ag practitioners in the classroom or field. Have an event? Add it here! 
  • Members: search for other REGAIN members by common interests, location and other topics – you can follow their posts, send them direct messages, and more via their profiles. 
  • Discussion Groups:public and private groups are available for different interest areas and geographies where members can have conversations, share resources and subscribe for updates. 
  • Personal Profile: this is your space to share information, track your connections, and personalize your REGAIN experience! 

Who pays for REGAIN?

REGAIN is developed and managed by the Wallace Center at Winrock International. The Wallace Center’s Resilient Agriculture & Ecosystems team is responsible for the overall administration of the platform. REGAIN is free for users and partners thanks to the financial support of many of the Wallace Center’s funders, including the Walton Family Foundation, McKnight Foundation, Cedar Tree Foundation, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and many others. Funding for REGAIN was derived from overarching financial support to advance regenerative agriculture and livestock grazing systems in the U.S. Upper Midwest.   

Who can join REGAIN?

Anyone with an interest in regenerative agriculture! REGAIN is especially of value to educators and advocates of regenerative practices, non-profit and agency staff, and leading regenerative practitioners.

What are the benefits of becoming a partner on REGAIN?

Partners are organizations or public agencies that would like to play a more active role in developing content, user engagement and future functions for the platform. Partners will have the ability to:

  • ​Host public and private discussion groups​
  • Create and administer online courses​
  • Host live expert office hours​
  • Post upcoming events ​
  • Contribute to improvements to the platform through the co-development of resources, functions, etc.​

Sign-up and Account Support

How do I sign up for REGAIN?

Please click here for a short guide to signing up for REGAIN. 

How do I update my profile?

Click your name next to your profile image at the top right corner of REGAIN. Once you seen a drop down menu, mouse over “Profile” and choose “Edit”. This allows you to change your profile details, profile photo, and cover photo. 

How do I change my notification preferences?

Click your name next to your profile image at the top right corner of REGAIN. Once you seen a dropdown menu, mouse over “Account” and choose either “Email Preferences”. This will allow you to choose when you will receive email notifications, such as when a user tags you or replies to you. 

How do I get site support if I'm having issues?

If you need site support, mouse over the “About” menu at the top and choose “Site Support” in the drop down. If you fill out this form describing your issue, the REGAIN team will respond within 2-3 business days. 

How do I change the privacy settings on my profile?

Go to your profile and click “edit profile”. You can select the visibility for each profile element and change privacy settings so that only your connections can view or make the information private altogether.

How do I delete my profile?

If you would like to delete your profile, please contact a REGAIN admin via the site support form. We will erase your profile and personal data from the site within 1-2 business days and will confirm successful account deletion via email.

Discussion Group Support

What are discussion groups?

Groups are designed to facilitate communication with other REGAIN members on a specific topic. Once you join a group, you will be able to access and share resources, explore the different opportunities relevant to that group’s focus, and post and reply content on a discussion board. You will be able to upload files and tools that are specific to the group’s topic. 

How do I join a group?

To view all existing groups on REGAIN, click on “Discussion Groups” in the orange side menu. There are both public and private groups in REGAIN. You can view discussions and resources in a public group without joining, but to comment on posts and communicate with other members you must join. To join a public group, click “Join group” and you will automatically be added. 

To see content in a private group and interact with other group members you must first join. Once a group moderator approves your request, you can interact and post in the group. 

How do I request a new group?

On the “Discussion Groups” landing page, click on “Create a Group” below the page title.  

  1. Enter the group name and title.  
  1. Adjust group settings, including privacy options (public, private, or hidden), activity feeds, and group invitations  
  1. Set forum 
  1. Set photo & cover photo 
  1. Invite other REGAIN members to join your group! 

Other Page Support

How do I add my event to the calendar?

On the orange side menu, click the arrow to the right of “Events” to expand the menu. Select “Submit an Event” to get started. Fill in the relevant information for your event – including an event title, description, date, time, venue, link to event registration, and any costs. Make sure you include all relevant details so that other REGAIN members will be able to easily learn about and register for your event! Once you submit the event, a REGAIN administrator will review and approve within one business day, or follow up with you about any additional necessary information.  

How do I add new resources to the library?

On the main menu, select “Submit a Resource” from the drop down below “Events”. Complete the form, adding relevant details as necessary, and press submit! A REGAIN administrator will review and upload your resource within one to two business days or follow up with you about any additional necessary information.  

How do I add a job posting?

To add a new job posting, hover over the “Opportunities” dropdown in the main menu and select “Job Postings”. Select “New discussion” and enter the job posting information. Make sure to include the job title, organization, a summary of the position, application deadlines, and most importantly a link to the application or more information.  

How do I add a funding opportunity?

To add a new funding opportunity, hover over the “Opportunities” dropdown in the main menu and select “Funding Opportunities”. Select “New discussion” and enter the funding opportunity information. Make sure to include the source of funding, a description of the opportunity, application deadlines, and most importantly a link to the application or more information.