Welcome to the Regenerative Agriculture Innovation Network (REGAIN). This is an online community of practice designed for all regenerative agriculture educators, advocates, and leaders. Regardless of areas of focus, REGAIN is a place to discuss challenges, share successes, access peer expertise, share resources, promote events and create opportunities for collaboration in the Upper Midwest and across the country.

REGAIN leverages peer-to-peer knowledge of regenerative agriculture practitioners to increase regenerative agriculture practices, support profitable family farms, protect vulnerable ecosystems, and improve agricultural communities. By helping people be more connected and work better together, REGAIN supports broader environmental, economic, and social shifts through agriculture.

Illinois field day on regenerative grazing and cover crops.

Created and supported by the Wallace Center at Winrock International, REGAIN is designed to be cooperatively run. One of the platform’s core functions is to provide partners with the forum and functionality to engage new and existing audiences, advance their organizational activities, and be more connected to aligned efforts. In doing so, REGAIN builds the capacity of the individuals, organizations and networks working to advance regenerative agriculture..

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